Contactless Check-In for Hotels: Everything you need to know!

In the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality sector is turning to solutions that include new security measures. In recent months, hotels, hostels and B & Bs have been adhering to strict protocols to ensure that their guests feel comfortable during their stay.

Contactless arrival new trend in tourism

Contactless check-in has never been more important as the need for social distance and limited contact with other people. Hotels around the world are looking for new solutions that protect their staff and guests.

Many hotels completely abandon traditional check-ins and instead adopt mobile check-ins that do not require human contact. The faster hotels can create this experience and make it seamless, the faster they can welcome guests.

However, contactless check-in is not a new phenomenon.

In fact, in a 2015 study by Software Advice, 60% of hotel guests said they would prefer to book a hotel offering mobile check-in. However, the need has become much more urgent today, as it is now mandatory to limit the amount of contact guests have with staff.

In the light of this new need, here it is

Everything you need to know about contactless check in.

The traditional process of arriving at a hotel.

Guests would arrive at a hotel, perhaps have a concierge to carry their luggage and walk to the front desk. There, they may have to wait for a while if other visitors arrived. When it is their turn, they are required to provide an ID form that staff will scan and check, and then complete a series of forms before rewarding them with their room key. The whole process involves many points of contact with staff, surfaces and common areas – activities that are supposed to be limited today.

Modern way: Contactless arrival at the hotel

Contactless check-in eliminates the need for most of this process. Instead, visitors receive an email with a link to fill in their details and scan their ID. Once completed:

  • They go through the reception to give the voucher sent to them by the system and to “show” their identity
  • They gain access to their room key through a smartphone app
  • They can pick it up from a designated pick-up point at the hotel and the voucher writes box number and pick-up code

Traditional Check-In in relation to Contactless arrival

An increasing number of traditional check in steps are no longer in operation. The valet parking has been abolished, the concierge cannot carry luggage (or, if he can, he must disinfect it first) and people cannot queue at reception areas without violating social distance instructions. This means that the contactless experience must extend beyond check-in and include any area of ​​hotel accommodation that no longer complies with health and safety regulations.

Here are some basic ways to use contactless check-in:

  • Mobile Solutions that allow guests to check in before arrival, minimizing the amount of time spent at reception and public areas
  • Checkin all hotels with self-service technology to avoid grouping guests in public areas
  • Technology for contactless payments in F&B stores, to allow non-contact payments in accordance with health and safety regulations

These three methods dramatically minimize the time guests spend at the front desk and limit interactions with staff without ruining the guest experience. The main goal for hotels that operate intact is to create a trip for guests that is extremely enjoyable, but they do not need all the time the hotel staff to help them.

Many hotels benefit from intact check-in, from big names to smaller, independent hotels.

The benefits of contactless check in

In addition to the benefits of contactless check-in for recent health and safety measures, it also helps staff and guests access other information:

  • It saves significant time and effort for both staff and guests. Links and check-in forms can be sent in advance to avoid queues at reception and hotels can send documentation, deals and T & Cs to receive a digital signature before a guest stays
  • Helps hotels collect additional data about their guests and create email lists for future offers
  • It is secure, using advanced photo authentication features
  • It integrates well with other systems to provide a complete guest experience
  • Allows visitors to check in from anywhere
  • It can be used as a simple marketing tool to allow guests to learn more about a hotel.
  • It can serve exclusive offers, upgraded amenities and create a branded experience
  • Allows visitors to skip the line and safely share the keys with their group
  • It frees up staff time by storing check-in details
  • Allows hoteliers to focus on hospitality rather than on the collection of guest information at check-in

How to apply Check in without contact

Non-contact check in must be stricter than ever. Not only does it have to do the traditional task of digitally monitoring visitors, but it also has to align with current health and safety measures.

Here’s how you can check in without contact today.

Before the visitors arrive

Start communicating with your guests before they get to the site. The contactless experience allows you to guide them through the new check-in process and make sure they are comfortable with everything.

Send Link Check in before arrival time

Share an email link with guests at least 12 hours before their arrival at your hotel. This gives them enough time to check in and read any accompanying material you send.

Prepare  information for guests

In the light of the new rules and regulations, it is your priority to assure visitors that your installation is safe and follows the protocols. To do this, create informative material outlining COVID-related initiatives and procedures your hotel applies to align with current needs.

This can be a list of up-to-date cleaning schedules, room cleaning rates, and updates for common areas such as gyms and restaurants. does just that. Helps you better present the effort made to protect your customers.

Arrival of visitors

Although you’ve already sent a link to check in, it ‘s still important to let visitors who may have missed it know how to check in according to your new directions. This will eliminate congestion at the front desk and create a smooth check-in flow.

Create additional markup

Signs help visitors understand where they should be and when. Let them know how they can check in, and what they need to do next. The verb “we support contactless check in at our hotel” will ask guests to use this option.

Key issues

As you welcome guests to your hotel, make sure you take the time to comply with the new health and safety regulations and do everything you can to ensure that your guests feel safe during their stay.

Start from:

  • Provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) and guidance for staff on how to use it
  • Disinfection stations in key public areas and staff workplaces
  • Marking to indicate new social distance measures and floor markers for compliance with physical distance protocols
  • Individual Guests – Cleaning Set and Personal Disinfectant – The Eccleston Square Hotel in London has an entire page dedicated to the new rules after COVID and offers guests a package of enhanced personal protective equipment for £ 35 per stay

Once you are able to use a contactless solution like the one we offer and create a seamless guest experience, you can start thinking of other ways in which you can provide a great contactless service.

Contactless check-in has never been more important. With new health and safety measures, hotels must follow strict physical distance guidelines and limit visitor interactions with staff. Contactless check-in and other technologies allow you to reassure guests while maintaining a pleasant experience throughout their stay.

How to use for contactless check-in

How does it work

  • Send check-in link via email to all guests arriving
  • Visitors submit their details, upload their ID (or passport) and sign at a point before they arrive
  • Complete tracking data for the protection of public health (Covid-19)
  • They accept the terms and are informed about other details, upsales, benefits, etc.
  • They receive an email voucher with all the information they need and a Qr-Code
  • The system returns your email with all the information and documents completed.

It’s simple to get started

Contactless check-in is easy with us. It is quick to set up and allows you to get started with your guests instantly and safely – no training required! Connects to your long-term holistic solutions.