For Hoteliers – Express Safe on-Line Hotel CheckIn

In our time, to provide services to our customers, we must create innovative online services. These are usually impersonal, unknown and do not inspire security in our customers. Airlines have already spent a lot of money and time on this. We offer you something similar with minimal cost.

We give you the opportunity to give your potential customers the strategic advantage of having online services with a familiar approach, easy to manage without the need for special digital capabilities and with the primary goal of inspiring security.

As for your customers, who have little knowledge of internet applications, they will just be thrilled. After all, the measurements show that the first impression is usually crucial for the quality of the experience of their stay.

With the Express Safe On-Line Hotel Check-In service

of checkin-express (fully compatible on desktops and mobiles) is now possible! The ultimate Online Check-in Platform is here, tested and necessary for every accommodation.

Send an email to the visitor. Once the visitor completes the process, he and the hotel are informed that the Online Check-In has been completed successfully.

It’s easy and fast

Once the visitor is informed in his email about the On-line Check-In, it will not take him more than 5 minutes to fill in all his details. Once completed, it will receive a second email that the process has been completed successfully. And a voucher with Qr-code, so that the check-in process at the reception is impressively fast.

It is safe

The process is completely safe. The guest can see all the accommodation policies and in case he entered an item incorrectly, he can start the process from the beginning.

They save time and safety on arrival

Many of us may have at some point waited for an hour at the reception until we had completed our check-in. But now this process can be done before the visitor even arrives at the hotel.